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Richmond City Council 6th District

About Me

Councilwoman for Richmond City Council’s 6th district since 2003, I am honored to represent you interests and to work on your behalf to make Richmond the place you are proud to call home.

You will find that I stand on principles of openness, honesty, and inclusiveness. I deliver services through innovative strategies to achieve the highest compliments.

Building community is what I do best, accepting nothing less than the greatest in community design and quality housing. Developing that sense of inclusiveness stems from providing a place where valued relationships are cultivated through shared open spaces, healthy life choices, and active citizen engagement.

As your Council representative, I address the details to make RVA a place we can all call home.

To achieve life’s greatest potential, searching for things that seemingly cannot be done and doing them, ascribing to do the best for all.

Community Development: A Place to Call Home

RVA 6th District provides the best and most diverse choices of communities to ensure you experience the lifestyle that fits you. I have helped to redevelop over 300 homes, and in one of Richmond’s oldest, most historic neighborhoods.

I value preservation and restoration. I have legislated incentives to build old historic community, cottages for our retiring seniors, and co-housing for shared unity, all with quality shared spaces.

I emphasize sustainability by readapting the uses of warehouses and skyscrapers. This creates the incredible landscape experience that we share in Richmond’s 6th district.

I am honored to make community happen.

Getting It Done!

  • Established and lead the RVA Affordable Housing Trust Fund, leveraging in over $23.3 million in additional housing development and services
  • Tax Abatement for new construction in conservation district
  • Require a 3-Year Master Economic Development Strategy targeting key growth areas for new business and job creation
  • RVA Job Creation Workforce Center
  • Neighborhood Economic Community Development Districts
  • Two new RVA 6th community schools: Oakgrove-Bellmeade and Martin Luther King Middle School
  • New Justice Center
  • Alternative to Incarceration Commission and workforce development
  • Wealth-Building Commission to address poverty
  • Cannon Creek Pedestrian east coast Greenway